AVALON is an independent production and distribution company established in 1996 by Stefan Schmitz. In 2007 long time collaborators Maria Zamora and Enrique Costa became partners in the company and are now heading the production and distribution divisions of the company respectively.

Today AVALON holds a catalogue of more than 200 feature films and documentaries. AVALON releases 10 to 15 films theatrically every year and does its own distribution in DVD. In 2005 AVALON established collaboration with FNAC, creating what is now Spain’s most prestigious collection of classic independent movies on DVD. Filmoteca Fnac contains over a hundred feature films by directors like Cassavetes, Jarmusch, Malle, Herzog, Fellini, Antonioni or Lang.

Apart from its own catalogue, AVALON distributes thousands of hours of TV content from the TELEPOOL, RTL, BAVARIA and UNITED DOCS (recently joined in GLOBAL SCREEN), DEUTSCHE WELLE o PARTHENON catalogues. Series, miniseries, TV movies, animation or documentaries of these catalogues are shown in virtually all Spanish broadcasters.

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